Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Are you ill? Blame our president Jonathan!

My sister, a medical doctor, came back from work today so tired complaining on the increasing number of patients in the hospital she works with. My mum quickly said it is because of our president. I naturally asummed she meant an ongoing strike or some new law that has just been passed benefiting patients and thus making them patronize public hospitals. Lo and behold my mum explained she said so because the citizens of Nigeria have lost faith in their president, Goodluck Jonathan. Terrorism, bombings and the deteriorating situation in the country are beginning to have a toll on us evident in increasing cases of high blood pressure, anxiety, heart attacks, depression and hypertension.
Is this far-fetched or is there an iota of truth in my mum's thesis? I have never been interested in politics, I believe that whatever situation presented itself has a way around it therefore I wasn't concerned about how the governance of this country affected we the citizens...we are tough skinned, we know how to survive. Now I am, is this surviving? Bomb blasts and bloodsheds? Unemployment...inflation?
I am not qualified to analyse Jonathan's 100 plus days in office or proffer solutions to the problems we are facing but I am allowed to say, "I do hope it doesn't get to the situation where we are at war with one another like in Libya because starvation and political unrest will not be handled well by majority of the masses if there is another war".
God bless Nigeria and every place else!