Thursday, August 4, 2011

Why the world won't be better

We celebrate violence, we celebrate promiscuity, we celebrate pride, arrogance and selfishness and we wonder what's wrong with the world, why it is in such chaotic state. Why there are wars, poverty, deaths and all calamities. These crimes are not supernatural, they are committed by men.
It's a lose-lose situation with the people of the world: they do not want to be preached to, they do not want to change and yet when they see so much suffering in the world they wonder why God allows it. No we allowed it in our own little way and collectively it generated to what we have today. Imagine letting the police man have N20 so that you can save time, imagine sharing answers in the exam hall because he/she is your friend, enrolling your kids in special centers, corporate sabotage and fraud, family feud because your sibling is wealthier, sexual immorality to seem cool and happening, thefts, importing fake products and 999999999 others. I weep for the nation and the world at large because I know some people reading this are already coming up with justifications on why they do or should do some of these; that is using more sins to combat sins?! This reminds me of a time my facebook account was hacked and links of Ophray Winfrey Network were posted by 'me' with all my friends (the whole 1000+ of them) tagged! At first few started complaining with comments that they don't want to be tagged in links not concerning them, then they multiplied to people complaining that people should stop complaining as that was heaping notification text messages in their phones and killing their batteries! And they quadrupled till eventually it blew out and I went online to delete the some of the links! All this could have been avoided if people simply stopped posting complaints.
So called christian brothers are not any better, we try to live our lives by hiding and keeping mute to this happenings in the name of living in peace with men. It shows we condone it and do not have love in us or how else can you see someone we love come to ruin and not say or do anything about it? Or see justice perverted and say amen in chorus. Nobody is saying you should go fight the government but the little ones you have control over, please do something. Praying is for communication with God, when you ask that He guides and helps you as you DO/LIVE your life. Not for Him to come down in person to do what he put you in this world to do (bringing his kingdom upon men).
I've learnt something over the months, anything bad you condone because you feel it won't or can't influence you eventually will. Lord help you to have the wisdom and truth to know and admit that it has. I've gotten to a stage in this life when I've realized it's pointless trying to compare yourself with worldly standards because they keep changing: lowering or 'highering' according to societal fads. I get to live my life once and by God I hope to make the most of it worshiping Him in spirit and in truth. Truth by keeping His commandments which is to love Him with all my heart, soul, strength, and might and to love my neighbors as myself.
I chose to write about this today because waking up this morning I felt heavy at heart, like I had to speak out and save some souls. If you felt touched by my post, be sure to thank the Lord for calling you back and kneel down and talk to Him.
Have a blessed day my neighbors.

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