Friday, August 5, 2011

Reading is madness!

Bravo! Bravo! To Chinua Achebe's Anthills of the Savannah. I am not done with the book yet I'm utterlessly (my word) impressed by his manner of writing. Now to give this compliments means I have a manner of reading to have understood him somewhat.
I have come to realize that excellent reading and writing skills require an intelligence that bothers on insanity. Think about it, what makes one come up with such fabricated stories with twists and suspense if not madness?! A genius some may say... And to read for such long hours, imagining and playing vividly each scene in your mind, laughing, giggling or screaming as the case may be? That's is an extreme case of delusion and separation from reality. lol!
Don't get me wrong, I do not describe to diminish in any way the value of reading and writing. I am an ardent reader and in stating this, a writer too. But just like watching a movie through a TV set where a character in the movie is also watching a TV, perhaps someone should put in writing the eccentricities of writing and then reading!
Not making sense? Let me take you back to your formative years when you started reading books with pictures; the colors and captivating drawings! Eventually you tumbled onto children books without pictures which you still enjoyed (for me it was The 7 voyages of Sinbad). You yearned for more and read bigger books you couldn't fully understand because you felt your vocabulary was inadequate. Perhaps it was then but as you grew older you realized it doesn't only require good vocabulary to fully understand a writer's peculiarity.
Reading requires patience, a wide sense of imagination and humour, ability to retain a sentence's meaning, be it simple or complex, from beginning to end and sometimes the ability to replay the exact conversation scene with you taking the role of a character in your head. I go far beyond that to try and place the writer's mood as he was bent over his desk typing that particular paragraph or punch line in his manuscript; did he laugh as I did too? Or did he smile with a secret knowing his future readers will shed a tear at that particular scene?
Bless the Lord Almighty in creating us as he did with all these complexities. Reading, writing, watching, acting and directing a movie all require a certain madness. To each his own... I rest my case.
Good night lovelies, I hope you do read a book one day that will make you understand all I've just said!

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