Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Once upon a time...

Once upon a time there was a boy, Obi and a girl, my friend Sammy will say, "If Obi is a boy and Ada is a girl then who is Adaobi?". Yeah back to my story... One day as Ada was walking along the apianway (supposed shortcut) behind her house to the market, she met Obi. It was love at first sight (for Obi by the way), Obi was so awed by her beauty that he was speechless. "Hi", Ada said and Obi stuttered, "Yesss, Good afternoon!".
Good afternoon?! Of all things to say? lol... How many guys have been in this situation? I can bet this happens to girls too. Really? I wonder what it is about the opposite sex that makes one speechless at 1st encounter: Beauty? Swag? Suavity? Expensive attire? The ride? Just the dynamic combination of all of the above? What is it? Tell me...his/her smile blew you away? Or was he/she that ugly?! Oh please!
I also wonder what recovering from the embarrassment will be like... Some guys are really cool at saving face, they proceed immediately with an apology of manners and blame it on how beautiful you are. An apology and a compliment in the girl is impressed too.
In the case of Obi and Ada, he couldn't recover from the first flaw and therefore didn't get Ada's phone number or her even name. End of story.... Obi should go home and learn pick up lines and strategies like Barney in the series, How I Met your Mother.
I need to get on with my day so it's thelish for now...but you have to do me a favour. Think of what you will do next to save face if this happens to you or from you (you know what I mean).
Have a speechlessly awesome day that will blow your mind away aiigh?

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