Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Shopping @ Main market, Osha.

Have you ever been on a shopping spree before? I can bet Shoprite or Games comes to mind right? lol...Well we don't have those down here in Anambra, we have a far bigger and versatile market here called Main market! Believe me it's got some class too. Yeah classes of people from different walks and crimes of life!
It's not only people in Ajegunle, Lagos that have become wisened by life experiences. Living in Onitsha or shopping frequently in main market, you can boast of that too. Main market is a place you can get all you've budgeted for, it is also a place you can lose your budget to thieves if you're not careful. These are the rules and guidelines I follow ardently whenever I go shopping in main market:
*Eat a light 'tummy agreeable' breakfast: you have a long shopping day ahead of you and you don't want to start looking for where to do a number 1 or 2 in the market. Totally unhygienic and infectious!
*Wear trousers, a long top and flat shoes or scandals and do not wear jewelleries: wearing a skirt or high heels hinders you from running or jumping fences and gutters when something happens. As for a pair of slippers, be sure it will cut before you're done with your shopping cos someone is bound to step on you while walking. Unless it is inexpensive or you do not mind having an abrasion, please do not wear necklaces, loose wristwatches or bangles.
*Do not put your whole money in your bag: Have three quarters in ur pockets and one quarter in ur bag. This is incase your bag is snatched.
*Be highly disciplined with your money: 1st of all, I will advice that you make a list of what you want to buy and stick to it, also set aside your transport fare home. You don't want to be buying everything in sight that catches your fancy and find out at the end of the day that you're broke and can't even get home! Well that's where your ATM card comes in handy but be careful not to withdraw all you have in your bank account!
*Walk fast with your feet and eyes: I do not say this to save you shopping time, I say this cos if you don't walk fast someone makes sure you do by shoving you out of the way. Watch out also for the uzo uzo people and the ndi oburu (wheelbarrow pushers), they are mean and will not hestitate to tear your clothes with their wheelbarrow teeth or stain you with their filthiness! If you argue with them you've bought yourself a fight!
*Do not ask directions from just anybody: if you want something and are not sure of the line or the particular place to buy it, ask the hawkers not 'by-standers'. The by-standers are ndi oso ahia in camouflage, they will always tell you they know where to get it and may either waste you time at the end of the day or cheat you out of your money.
*Do not buy anything along the major market streets: unless you'r tired or wouldn't mind throwing away extra cash it would be advisable not to buy from merchants along the street, they sell at twice the price of traders inside.
*If you're not convinced of the quality, don't buy: in the market, you find the originals, fakes and the imitations of the fakes...Need I say more? Therefore if he's not your trusted merchant, don't believe anything he says.
*Bargain even if the quoted price is below that in your budget: the 1st price a trader quotes is usually between 1.5-2 times the actual price of his goods so don't be afraid to negotiate.
*When you're done shopping, as soon as you get home take your bath with medicated soap and then sleep. It's no ordinary feat what you have accomplished going in there and coming out in one piece!
Here are some tips: shopping on Mons and Thurs is cheaper because that's when the bails come in. Shopping during the Christmas period can be fun, crazy or dangerous but things are definitely a lot cheaper...
So I'm organising a shopping day out for my girls and I come this December and if you'll like to join us holla k?

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  1. R u serious? So this is ђã†̥ u guys see in osha.
    Well thank God for my eke ukwu owerri aka eke onuwa.