Friday, July 15, 2011


Yesterday on twitter @Soundsultan, the funniest naija artiste (my award), decided as he usually does to start a new hash tag (used as my title). It was an instant trending topic...hilarious, funny and all original, I would say this is way better than #shellingfriday!
For some of my readers who are not on twitter or do not ff @Soundsultan, below are some of the #sentencesthatturntooneword I found very amusing. I hope it makes your day like it did mine.
*"Yes, my aunty bought it 4me @ 'Victory' Secret"--- Okirika!
*I am on d huge side---Fat!
*Boy to girlfriend, "All these eateries&their fried rice. It's not healthy"---Broke!
*That girl is extravagant to spend 50k on a phone---Jealousy.
*He isn't even good as people think he is---Beef.
*Mummy it's cos of those wicked lecturers whose intentions are to fail everybody---Olodo!
*I'm in a meeting, don't call, I'll call u when I'm through---Married/Jonzer.
*She is actually a friend of my aunt on my father's side & she's treats me like a son--- Giggolo.
*"Did u see moi missed callz?"---Flasher!!
*"My profession? I'm in the transportation business" ---Driver!
*Please give me 20 thousand to buy brazilian weavon---Ole!
*Park that car and show me your particulars---Egunje/Bribe.
*Guy borrow me your earpiece, this movie no dey too loud---Mojo.
*I love you buh I'm scared of being in a relationship---Player.
*I like rich boys---Gold digger!
*"Ah! Oga! Good evening Sir!---Shandi.
*"Why did u save my name as 'Plumber' on the new bb I just bought u..."---Mugu.
*His hairline is receding---Akpari!
*When your girlfriend asks you, "Are u coming over tonight? Just want to know..."---Cheating!
*I like the taste of 'pomo' better than chicken---Poverty!
*This garri is too sweet, it doesn't need sugar---Broke!!!
*"You can't get original jeans these days so I prefer to buy 2nd hand"---Yinmu.
*I help people build the house of their dreams---Bricklayer.
LYAO right?! There is still more on twitter and you can come up with many on your own, maybe even start another trending hash tag. Today is Friday and if you're not so busy, unwind with #shellingfriday.
I have got to get some sleep and be ready for morning prayers...Till then lovely peeps... Good a.m!


  1. You write well, and some of these made me laugh, lol...

  2. lolllllll.dats hilarious