Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My journey personified

Iamgreatnesspersonified! Yeah it is a name and my facebook name at that. Wonder how I came about it? Well my elder bro, the family comedian, always has this way of describing things. He's of the opinion that if adjectives can be used to qualify nouns then nouns should be used to qualify adjectives!
It makes perfect sense cos when you think of it, how do you describe to someone something vividly? "The boy I met yesterday is ugly", (this begs the question how ugly), but when you say, "You don't understand, that boy is ugliness personified!" (no explanation is needed :D).
My journey from Ijebu-ode in Ogun State to Nnewi in Anambra State yesterday was smooth and hitch free but I feel strongly compelled to qualify the different major towns we passed by based on my observations.
Ijebu-ode is local-champion (ie agbomma, okuko igbo or APGA) Honestly I can't believe it's still possible for mud houses to be dead on a major road, the busiest road in the country! Did civilization skip these people by? Or maybe that's about tourism, a museum so to say.
Passing on you get into Ore in Ondo State, I-no-send-you personified town. The governor of that state is either a 'sendless' (a state of not caring what anyone thinks) guy or he must have lost touch of what politics is about. How can your state portion of the federal road be the only portion so bad that anytime one passes by, there are fallen 911 trucks, accidents and damaged cars. I wonder how many millions traders have lost on that spot when the trucks carrying their cargoes fell. I can only say that the thing still endearing people to Ore is the fact that they get to buy bananas and groundnut cheaply, atleast for family members and kids who will want to know what daddy and mummy brought back for them.
Now Benin in Edo State is culture personified! A pictureque town where you can seee a blend of the 19th and 21st century. I love passing by Benin cos I always feel a sense of calmness and pride (not like I'm from there and no, I'm not charmed) envelope me.
Asaba is greatness personfied! The land of pride! The award for the 2nd best governor, after Fashola, should be given to the Delta State governor. He must have a good business acumen cos I keep wondering how he got so many multinational companies to establish branches there. Have you seen, the roads, the street lights and the airport under construction...the mall and protea hotel also coming up? I am so impressed, I sometimes find myself wishing I were from Asaba (don't hate the admirer, hate the town!).
My awe and joy die whenever I cross the bridge into Onitsha in Anambra State, chaos personified! I sometimes have this anger well up inside me like, "What the hell is Obi doing? Why are we so disorganized? Can't he see our neighbors on the other side of the bridge?". Onitsha is supposed to create a good impression about Anambra but it does the opposite. There are gullies and gorges developing in the middle and sides of the road and no one is saying anything, the anthem is hustling and no one seems to care... Are you kidding me? Bikes and 911s everywhere, people dashing back and forth, foodstuff markets on refuse dumps. Lord have mercy!
I do not mean to discrimate, certainly not when I'm from Anambra myself but I choose not to be biased too. Something needs to be done and done fast. Till then...
Good night and Thelish!

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